Have you thrown caution to the wind as far as your dental health is concerned? Maybe you feel that flossing and brushing every day is enough – think again! Without professional dental care you are putting yourself at risk for serious oral health issues.

Gum disease in one form or another affects half of the US adult population. Brushing and flossing will help control the daily plaque that forms over the teeth – up to a point but professional cleanings are necessary to avoid the buildup of plaque in between your teeth where it is harder to reach. That plaque can harden into tartar and lead to gum disease. Once tartar is present it can only be removed with a dental hygienist’s tools.

You may be thinking that you’re one of the lucky ones – your teeth are looking good and you’re enjoying all the foods that you love. So far so good right, but have you heard about preventive dentistry? Six month exams, cleanings, x-rays and sticking to a healthy diet can maintain your oral health and let you keep your natural teeth for your entire lifetime, as they it was meant to be.

Better safe than sorry. If you ignore your oral health there could be a high price to pay, in more ways than one. An infection that is left to fester can become a serious issue. It can be very painful and may require extensive treatment.

No matter how long it has been make your next dental appointment with Benson Hill Smiles. Call our office in Renton @ 425-598-0366.

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