If your latest visit with the dentist didn’t go as well as you would’ve liked there are steps that you can take to make your next one a whole lot better.

It really is important that you spend an entire two minutes brushing your teeth. Research has shown that it takes at least that long to reach each individual tooth and get rid of as much bacterial plaque as possible. If you try to hurry the process you may wind up brushing too hard or skimming over some areas. Take your time and do a good job.

Replace your toothbrush or the brush head of your electronic device every 3-4 months or sooner if you notice the bristles are beginning to fray. A new and improved brush will make a big difference.

Make it easy on yourself. If something is hard to do we tend to avoid doing it. People who suffer from arthritis for instance, may find it difficult to maneuver a manual toothbrush around those hard to reach places. An electronic appliance can make brushing a lot easier. Most come equipped with a timing device so you don’t have to count to 120!

Although brushing is essential it isn’t enough by itself, you have to get in between the teeth as well. Pre- strung gadgets have made flossing much more convenient and water picks add that extra ounce of prevention.

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