What Is Causing Your Sensitive Teeth Issues

Your smile carries you throughout your lifetime. A professional dentist will recommend taking care of your teeth early on. The sooner you take care of your dentistry the better, and a dental expert will recommend pediatric dentistry when your child starts showing the first signs of getting teeth.

There are several things you can do for preventative dental care, but seeing a professional dentist is always the key to a bright smile. A family dentist can also help you save money. Do you suffer from sensitive teeth? What causes sensitive teeth? The following guide will tell you the trigger signs of sensitive teeth and, how you can treat this specific dental irregularity?

What Are Sensitive Teeth

Your teeth can can become sensitive when they’re exposed. In fact, sensitive teeth are reactive to hot and cold food and drinks. You can feel more pain as the tooth or teeth are exposed to pressure. Sensitive teeth are also called dentin hypersensitivity. A dentist can diagnose you for sensitive teeth. Many people may diagnose hypersensitivity for a tooth cavity. Sensitive teeth can also be diagnosed by the individual suffering pain. You will notice sensitive teeth from certain stimuli when you’re brushing, eating, or drinking.

How Can You Treat Sensitive Teeth

There are several ways to treat hypersensitive teeth. However, the best way to permanently rid yourself of sensitive teeth is by being diagnosed and treated by a professional. You can cause your teeth to become sensitive by brushing with too much force with a hard bristle tooth brush. If you notice too much sensitivity while brushing, you should switch to a soft bristle tooth brush along with brushing your teeth more less abrasive. OTC mouthwash products contain chemicals and alcohol that can also cause your teeth to become sensitive over time.

Do you enjoy acidic foods like grapefruit or tomato juice? These type of foods can cause your teeth to become hypersensitive. If the nerves in your teeth are exposed, this can create hypersensitivity and should be avoided. Some other acidic foods that can cause tooth sensitivity are kiwi, lemon, lime, and pineapples. All citrus fruits are highly acidic and can impact sensitive teeth. Your toothpaste can also cause your teeth to be hypersensitive. For instance, a teeth whitening formula that’s added to toothpaste cause sensitivity for a particular individual over others because of the chemicals that are being added to enhance your smile.

How Will A Dentist Treat Hypersensitive Teeth

Sensitive teeth are very treatable by a dental professional. They will recommend desenesizing agents for your teeth. They will recommend a sensitizing toothpaste with a soft bristle tooth brush. You can also avoid sensitivity after teeth whitening with the same desenesizing procedure. A dentist may also recommend fillings to stop sensitive teeth. A feeling is the same as a dental crown. They essentially cover up the infected area with a seal. Teeth fillings can include gold, porcelain, or silver. However, many people steer away from silver because of the possible mercury contents.

You should never avoid sensitive teeth because food can make them a breeding ground for bacteria. Ignoring hypersensitive teeth can cause a tooth infection and lead to gum disease. Some dental infections can be dangerous and also lead to an abscessed tooth which is very painful. Contact your dentist about your sensitive teeth today.

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