What foods should you be eating to give yourself the best chance of enjoying good oral health throughout your lifetime, or does it really matter what your eat? Yes, there is a definite link between diet and good oral health.

In general, you want to avoid any foods or drinks that are acidic or can become so when they mix with harmful oral bacteria. The acid is what causes tooth enamel to deteriorate leaving the more sensitive layers of the teeth exposed to infection. More specifically, cheese and milk provide the vitamin C and calcium that contribute to the strength of the tooth enamel and neutralize harmful acids.

Foods that require more chewing, like a fresh celery stalk or a carrot stick tend to increase the natural flow of saliva throughout the mouth. Saliva cleanses the mouth and the chewing action is good for the gums.

Plaque is the enemy. Foods that have the capacity to fight against plaque buildup are naturally good for your teeth. Onions and sesame seeds are both good examples of this quality.

Sweet potatoes and broccoli are chock full of vitamin A, which contributes greatly to the development of tooth enamel and promotes healthy gum tissue.

Pay attention to package labels. Avoid foods with added sugar or artificial sweeteners. Limit snacks and try to have three nutritious meals a day.

Brushing and flossing daily and sticking to a healthy diet along with regular checkups and professional cleanings will keep you on the path to good oral health. The team at Benson Hill Smiles is there to help. Call the office @ 425-276-7843 today.

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