Types of Teeth Whitening

Many people in the world hate dental discolorations and they feel uncomfortable with this condition. This discoloration could be as a result of the food we eat, lifestyle practices like consumption of tobacco and environmental factors. Many would like to have white teeth that will make them comfortable giving a radiant smile. There are a number of ways of whitening your teeth and get desired results. The results depend on the treatment option you choose and your dental health. Teeth whitening are a non-invasive way of removing discolorations from your teeth.

Numerous options are available to remove stains on your teeth surface and whiten them ranging from whitening methods to products you can use to enhance the activity.

Products used for teeth whitening

Whitening rinses and toothpastes

Kinds of toothpaste contain gentle abrasives which facilitate removal of stains on the teeth surface during brushing. On the other hand, a mouth rinse contains hydrogen peroxide which serves as a bleaching agent. These products ought to be used daily especially after every meal. In addition, there are also special toothbrushes which can polish your teeth without abrasion.

Whitening Strips and Chewing Gums

There are certain types of dental strips and chewing gum that you can use daily after meals. The gums are sugarless and help in removing food residue and enhance whitening. Besides chewing gum stimulates saliva hence help in moisturizing the mouth. Whitening strips are small strips plastic in nature that you apply to your teeth surface. They have a peroxide gel side which facilitates whitening and can be used up to 30 minutes for you to get the desired results.

Tray-Based Teeth Whiteners

This product involves the use of a mouth guard like tray which has a whitening solution in it. The solution contains bleaching agents like peroxides. You are given kits of the product by your dentist and the solution which is gel-like contains a lower concentration of peroxides. You can use the trays once in a day for a week and see a gradual change in your teeth.

Note that these products are treatment approaches for an out office dental whitening treatment method. You can opt any of the products with the guidance of a recognized dentist. These products don’t bring immediate change but indeed the effect is long term.

Another method of whitening your teeth is the In-office Dental Whitening approach. This treatment approach entails just a single visit to a dentist that will produce desired results in some hours. How is this achieved? The procedure is as follows:

  • First, on the lips and gum tissue, a protective coating is placed.
  • A whitening gel is applied to the teeth
  • A UV lamp is shined to the teeth so as to activate the ingredient present in the gel. The gel is highly concentrated with bleaching agent hence this process can yield visible results immediately

These are key methods you can use in eliminating stains from your teeth surface and make you comfortable to give that radiant smile and confidence.

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