What’s at The Renton History Museum?

If you happen to be a lover of history and at the same time are situated anywhere near Washington D.C., then I’d recommend that you visited Renton
history museum whenever you’ve got the time on your hands. This is simply because the museum is rich in historical artifacts that will give you a
very good understanding of the town throughout the years.

For starters, the museum has close to 90,000 objects stretching all the way from the early 19th century to date. Out of these well-preserved objects, 13,000 of them include clear photographs that happen to capture the historical landmarks of Renton town throughout the years. What makes these photos quite special is the fact that they capture every aspect of Renton town.

These included the social, civil as well as industrial events from as early as 1880. You’ll definitely find photographs of the local coal mining
industry, the ever jovial Renton residents all the way to the early days of the railroad construction. It, therefore, goes without saying that learning all about the town’s history won’t really take much as these skillfully-taken, well-preserved photos tell it all with so much ease.

Apart from the incredibly telling photos, Renton History Museum also has quite a number of artifacts from the 19th century. These artifacts include tools that they were used by the locals for coal mining and so on. And it’s because of this reason that the education system sanctioned the annual classroom programs for students between the 4th and the 8th grade.

During these annual programs, the young students can use the photos as well as the artifacts to fully understand the Coast Salish-Duwamish life and how trade was being conducted almost two centuries back. Renton History Museum was once a fire station dubbed the Renton Fire Department or Fire Station #1 back in the 1940s.

And with that in mind, it’s obvious to find some old firefighting tools as well as machines placed in there for an exhibition. In there you’ll also find thousands of all history books that were either used in the old schools or even better, books that accurately document different periods in the town’s rich history.  Speaking of history, another fantastic place to visit in Renton is the Gene Coulon Memorial Park.

Some of the latest exhibits placed at the Renton History Museum is none other than the 100 years of Renton High School. This recent exhibit was
intended on marking (and celebrating) 100 since the founding on Renton High School. The exhibits capture the different historical events that have
happened throughout the high school through the 100 years it has been operational.

Another recent exhibit at the Renton Historical Museum is the sustaining a city exhibit. True to its name, the exhibit touches on better ways in which Renton town has been sustained over the decades. It also acknowledges the efforts of both the authority as well as the locals who have taken the initiative to conserve the environment.

The twilight zone art show is also another exhibit made available for viewing at the Renton Historical Museum. The exhibit was staged for the
sole purpose of showing appreciation of the creative culture that has donned Renton Town throughout the years.

All these items are made available for the visitors upon appointment. Therefore, if you’ve always wanted to learn more about Renton Town and its
rich culture, then you might want to book an appointment as soon as you possibly can.

Thankfully, there are local shops, restaurants as well as the public library in close proximity to the Renton historical library for you and
your family’s convenience just in case you’d want to visit. The museum also provides free parking for its visitors in case you choose to drive yourself to the location.