There are many side effects that go along with being pregnant. We’re all aware of the possibilities of morning sickness or food cravings for example, but did you know that pregnancy can also be associated with gum disease? The condition even has a name, it’s called “pregnancy gingivitis.”

Plaque is what actually causes gum disease but the hormonal changes that go along with pregnancy can make gum tissue more vulnerable to the issue of plaque buildup. Pregnant women should be alert to the symptoms of gingivitis, the earliest stage of the disease. Bleeding or swollen gums may be noticed during the first trimester of your pregnancy. If you have suffered the symptoms previously they may recur or elevate during the pregnancy.

Expecting a baby is a happy time, and a busy one. There are so many plans to make, names to consider, getting the nursery ready, etc. Don’t forget to put making a dental appointment near the top of your to-do list so that your dentist can develop a specific plan for home and professional care during this special time in your life. Eating the right foods and getting the necessary vitamins are important factors just as regular brushing and flossing and visits with your dentist are. Be sure to notify your dentist about any noticeable changes in your oral health that may arise between scheduled appointments.

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