You don’t usually hear someone talking about actually looking forward to their next dental appointment – ok, maybe those people who never have a cavity and always have a good checkup, but most of us are a little apprehensive about going to the dentist. Those regular six-month checkups, however, can prove to be the best way to protect your good health, both dental and general.

The early signs of diabetes, digestive issues, heart disease or oral cancer are often first detected by your dentist. Prevention of some disease is also a factor in the importance of professional dental care. Studies have shown that people who see their dentist on a regular basis and have their teeth cleaned by a dental hygienist are at lower risk for heart attack or stroke.

Are your children brushing properly, have they learned how to use flossing string? Your dental hygienist can demonstrate how to use the brush and how to manipulate the floss. She may even be able to make taking care of his teeth something that your child can enjoy and show pride in.

Good nutrition is essential for good health. Your dentist can provide you with a list of foods and drinks that are good for preserving your tooth enamel and contributing to a balanced diet at the same time. Talk to Dr. Wager of Benson Hill Smiles about substituting sugary substances and starchy snacks with healthier choices. Make your next appointment today, call the office @ 425-529-5709 in Renton, WA.

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