It has been established that there is a definite connection between diet and oral health. The fat and sugar content of the foods and drinks that we ingest will influence our susceptibility for tooth decay. In fact, some studies have revealed that the number of cavities in children at the age of five years or younger can reflect the dietary habits of the child’s mother over the months of her pregnancy. Adults are also subject to cavities and a high incidence of tooth loss in later life has been linked to dietary insufficiency.

A balanced diet is made up of various items from the five basic food groups. Each group offers such a wide range of choices that everyone should be able to find a favorite and not have to eat the same food day after day. Dairy for instance, includes every kind of cheese there is along with the very popular reduced fat yogurts while the selections of fruits and vegetables are practically endless. Bread lovers can indulge in the many varieties that are available in the grains category and even lean meats include nuts and eggs for all the non-meat eaters among us.

If you can include at least one food from these five basic groups in your daily menu and limit your consumption of those high in sugar and starches you will be taking a big step on a path to good oral health.

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