Our permanent teeth are meant to last a lifetime, but sometimes that plan is inadvertently altered by circumstances that are beyond our control. There are steps that we can take however, that will help prevent accidents or disease that can cause serious damage to our teeth.

Tooth enamel is nature’s way of protecting the more delicate layers that lie beneath the surface. It is said to be the hardest element in the human body and yet it is not impenetrable. The most dangerous enemies of tooth enamel are the acids that are produced when the sugars and starches in the foods that we eat mix with the harmful bacteria that lives in our mouths. This acid can eat away at our tooth enamel until it finally breaks down and lets the bacteria in.

How can you keep this from happening? Your tooth enamel starts to feel the effects as soon as it comes in contact with harmful acids. In its weakened state the enamel is more susceptible to agitation. Dental professionals recommend to patients that they wait at least thirty minutes after eating to brush their teeth.

We can’t predict accidents but we can protect ourselves against some of the possible consequences. Contact sports or activities that could be considered high risk should always include wearing protective gear. Kids and adults alike should be fitted with a custom mouth-guard for the ultimate protection of their oral health.

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