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Renton Dental Implant Expert Uses Latest Technology For Safer, Faster Procedures

Some people don’t like using dentures because they think it is uncomfortable or difficult to take care of. They worry that it will slip off while they eat, or feel self-conscious about taking them off. Dentures can also slide, causing people to mumble or slur while they speak.

Benson Hill Smiles offers a convenient alternative to dentures: Renton dental implants.

Unlike dentures—which must be removed for cleaning, and occasionally refitted and replaced—dental implants are a permanent solution for missing teeth.

Artificial teeth are surgically implanted into the jaw bone. As the bone heals, it grows around the implant and fuses with it. This process, called osseointegration, takes about two to six months.

Once osseointegration completed, the implant essentially becomes a permanent part of the body, and provides all the benefits of having all one’s teeth intact. People can now eat all their favorite food without worrying about dentures sliding, and can speak clearly and confidently. They also won’t save themselves the trouble of cleaning dentures or having them replaced.

Aside from the convenience and personal benefits, dental implants can also improve overall dental health, by preventing the jawbone from shrinking and stabilizing the surrounding teeth.

Dental implant surgery is a specialized dental treatment that requires special training and certification—and Dr. Eric Wagar is one of the best in the state.

He has completed more than twice the required amount of post-graduate training, and has achieved Fellowship status in the International Congress of Oral Implantology. This distinction is only given to dentists who have received advanced training, and consistently shown excellent skills, acumen and judgment.

Dr. Wenton has even taken specialized courses in the latest dental implant techniques, including 3D-Guided Implant Placement, bone grafting and tissue generation, and implant pathways. Through these trainings, he has learned advanced techniques, new technology, and the latest research.

In fact, Benson Hill Smiles is one of the few clinics in the state that uses 3D Guided Implant Placement software. It scans the patient’s jaws, teeth, and sinuses to create an accurate and detailed surgical model, and even do simulations.

Dr. Wenton then uses the information to plan the surgery at a very high level of precision and accuracy. He knows the best place to put the implant, and can plot the procedure so that it is faster and more efficient.

The surgical plan also lowers risk for complications, and allows more predictable results.

With this combination of Dr. Wenton’s training and expertise and the latest dental technology, patients are given the best possible Renton dental implants. Patients who are anxious about having surgery can have the peace of mind that they are getting the best possible care and treatment plan.

Aside from dental implants, Benson Hill Smiles also provides other restorative dental services such as bridges and crowns. If patients are not yet ready to have surgery, or have health conditions that prevent them from having one, Dr. Wenton can recommend other options.

People who are interested in dental implants can set an appointment by calling through the Benson Hill Smiles at 425-906-3127 or filling the form on the website. Clinic hours are 8 am to 5 pm on Mondays to Tuesdays, 7 am to 4 pm on Wednesdays, and 7 am to 3 pm on Thursdays.

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