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Family dental services by Benson Hill Smiles

Updated: Feb 28

Benson Hill Smiles Provides Exceptional Family Dental Services

A family dentist in the Greater Seattle community can help brighten the smiles of your entire family. Benson Hill Smiles is the go-to destination for families seeking quality oral health services.

Benson Hill Smiles proudly services the Greater Seattle community with top-notch dental care services to achieve and maintain a healthy smile. Dr. Eric Wagar D.M.D leads a staff of experienced dental professionals to perform preventative, restorative, and cosmetic dentistry treatments at his dental office.

Here are some of the services that a Benson Hill Smiles family dentist can provide to patients of all ages.

Preventative Dentistry

Preventative dentistry refers to the daily, routine tasks that dentists perform. A cleaning session is an example of this form of dentistry. Dental professionals recommend visiting the dentist for a cleaning at least twice per year.

Cleaning allows oral health professionals to examine your teeth for any signs of decay. If they find anything alarming, they can create a treatment plan that will help restore your tooth’s function and appearance.

Restorative Dentistry

If a family dentist finds an issue with your teeth, they will most likely perform a restorative dentistry procedure. These procedures include root canals, cavity fillings, dental implants, crowns, and more.

The purpose of restorative dentistry is to repair or replace a tooth. These oral health treatments can prevent your issues from exacerbating to the point where you require extensive surgery.

Emergency Services

You may call the Benson Hill Smiles office any time, day or night, for dental emergency treatment. Reliable dentists can help remedy emergencies, such as broken teeth, toothaches, and lost crowns.

One of Benson Hill’s dentists may ask you to come into the office, or they will meet you at your local emergency room to treat your condition. Feel free to call the Benson Hill Smiles front desk 24/7.

Their dental office also provides cosmetic treatments, such as teeth whitening, Invisalign, and veneers.

Make an Appointment

There are many benefits to hiring a family dentist in Seattle, WA, and Benson Hill Smiles provides many Greater Seattle families with top-of-the-line dental treatments and procedures. Stop running around making appointments for your family members at different dental clinics. Instead, call the Benson Hill front desk to schedule appointments for your whole family.

You may reach the Greater Seattle dentists at (425) 403-7309.

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