If you’ve chosen to have your teeth whitened in your dentist’s office you have made a wise decision. Professional strength bleaching agents will give you better results in a shorter amount of time. The process begins with thorough teeth cleaning to remove superficial stains and any tartar that may have collected on your teeth. You may be surprised at the difference it will make.

Your dentist will use a color chart to select the shade that most closely matches that of your natural teeth before whitening. That will provide a reference for comparison after the whitening process has been completed.

Peroxide is the element used to whiten your teeth, but it can irritate the softer surrounding gum tissue. The tongue, lips, and cheeks may also be affected. As a safety measure, your dentist will create a “dental dam” which will close off the teeth and prevent exposure of these areas.

How extensively do you want the whitening to be? Practice smiling your biggest smile in the mirror to see just how many teeth will be showing and go from there. Be sure you and your dentist have the same goal in mind.

The entire whitening process can take anywhere from sixty to ninety minutes after which time the solution will be rinsed away, the dam removed and the session will be complete.

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