The people who greet you when you walk through the door of your dentist’s office can define the entire experience. If you go in feeling a bit anxious about what the doctor may find or if you are apprehensive about a scheduled procedure the temperament in the office can either add to your tension or relieve your uneasiness.

When you call for your appointment the scheduler will let you know if you need to arrive a few minutes early to update the personal data on your paperwork. It’s always a good idea to give yourself a little extra time to settle in before you see the dentist, which brings us to the office environment.

A tranquil setting with comfortable seating is a nice beginning. Current magazines or brochures on non-political subjects such as travel or cuisine, soft background music and a soothing cup of tea or decaf coffee can add to the ambiance. Now you are ready to see the hygienist.

The dental hygienist is usually the first person you will see at your regularly scheduled checkup. After an exchange of pleasantries, she will ask if you are feeling any discomfort or if you’ve noticed any changes since your last 6-month exam. Your hygienist will then have a quick look at your mouth and clean your teeth before the dentist comes in.

The office staff and dental professionals are waiting to welcome you to Benson Hill Smiles. Call today @ 425-529-5709 in Renton, WA.

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