Bruxism is the act of grinding your teeth against each other and/or clenching them together. It is an involuntary action which often occurs while we sleep and can be so intense as to rouse someone asleep in the same room. People who sleep alone may go un-diagnosed for some time. Daytime bruxing is also an unconscious reaction that may come about when we are undergoing stress or anxiety.

Children and adults can both experience the symptoms. Childhood bruxism often subsides with maturity but if the habit continues on after the permanent teeth have erupted it’s best to consult with your dentist.
Adults should look for symptoms such as weakness in the jaw muscle as though you’ve had your mouth wide open for a time, or a change in the shape or texture of your teeth as if they are being worn down.

You may not think of going to your dentist to make your headache go away but bruxism has been known to be closely related to migraines. The pain that is caused by a migraine headache can be so severe to put the sufferer out of commission for days. The NTI-tss plus is a type of mouth guard, a night guard to be more specific, that is worn to separate the teeth and prevent gnashing.

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