Being the patient of a dental home often means having had the advantage of forming a close relationship with the dentist, hygienist and the office staff. As your dental professionals become more acquainted with your family’s particular lifestyle they will be better able to determine a dental care plan that will be easy for you all to adapt to.

Your patient chart will contain the information necessary for your dentist and hygienist to monitor your oral health. Any unforeseen changes will be immediately noticed and if there is an issue it can be dealt with at the earliest possible stage when treatment will be less invasive and most successful.

Your time is valuable. If the scheduling staff in your dentist’s office is aware of your family’s routine they can work around it and make appointments accordingly. Friendly reminders and follow-up calls are common courtesies. If you should have to make a last minute change the office staff will be more likely to accommodate you if they know you well enough to understand that you wouldn’t have canceled without good reason.

When you are on a first name basis with the office receptionist you can expect a warm welcome when you arrive on time for your dental appointment. Since your hygienist knows you so well she will greet you by name and show a genuine interest in your well-being.

If being part of a dental home appeals to you, look no further. Call Benson Hill Smiles in Renton, WA today @ 425-559-9519.

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