My Visit to the Henry Moses Aquatic Center

I was recently looking for things to do in the Renton, Washington area and I found many options. One, which I found to be the most attractive, was visiting the Henry Moses Aquatic Center. It is one of the cities most important landmarks and it is one of the most popular recreational facilities in the general area. In the summer over 70,000 people visit to take part in a large arrangement of water activities. It is open from the middle of June up until Labor Day weekend and it is found inside the Northeast corner of the cities’ Cedar River Park.

It has a truly gigantic audience which the park has taken into mind when planning how it is operated. It has always been one of the top destinations for visitors to the area but it is now truly better than ever. I took my children to the Henry Moses Aquatic Center and they all found it a blast. There are not that many places to truly enjoy water activities in the state of Washington, like you could in a state famed for it’s beaches like California. This is a fun, small low-key alternative to a lot of larger water parks within the area. It is large and diverse enough to make a very fun day but it is small enough to the extent that I had no trouble keeping track of my children during our time here.

This facility houses two giant 26 foot water slides, a wave pool, a zero-depth water play area and a 25-yard swimming pool. You should make sure that your children are tall enough for the rides before going. To ride the rides at this water park’s slides you have to be 48 inches tall, or 4 feet. To avoid letting your children down you shouldn’t tell your children that they can ride the slide until they get approval from the gatekeeper in front of the slide.

Thankfully, children that do not meet this height requirement can enjoy everything else that the park has to offer as long as they are supervised by someone that is age 16 or older. The park does not offer flotation devices, however, so it is important to bring your own if you need them. The park does not allow water toys either, so leave those at home. One precaution to keep in mind when planning a visit to this facility is to show up to the park early. When our family came for the noon session at the water park, we showed up thirty minutes early and there were nearly fifty people in front of us in line. The facility has a capacity for nearly a thousand people, but to stay safe the park tends to cap it at around 700 people and very frequently sells out. Be sure to prepare for the wait by bringing a lot of snacks. If your children need a diversion while waiting there’s a large field they can play in next to the park.

Our family enjoyed all of the facilities that the park had to offer, but, most of all, the thing that we got loads of enjoyment out of was the wave pool. We never felt unsafe at this park as there was always a lifeguard at the pool making sure every child was safe. If you’re in the area in the summer and looking for something fun to do with your family you cannot go wrong with the Henry Moses Aquatic Center. After a wonderful swim, we suggest to check out Jimi Hendrix’s grave nearby.