There are a few reasons why you may find yourself in need of a new dental home. Relocating your family to a new environment whether it be across town or across the country can be particularly stressful for all concerned. Friends and classmates will be left behind, parents will be faced with finding a new house or apartment and uprooted families will be feeling the stress that is associated with a significant change in lifestyle.

At the top of the long list of to-do’s will be the challenge of finding a medical facility and a dentist who is well-established in the community. Hopefully you will have a persona frame of reference to help find a dental practice that will be of service to every member of your family. If you are new to the area however, you may have to rely on other sources.

The American Dental Association lists the contact information of potential dental practices in various locales throughout the US. Factors that you may want to consider in your search include office location, regular and emergency hours of availability and what specific services are offered.

You can tell a lot about the tone of the practice just by calling the office. A pleasant voice and a sincere effort to work around the schedule of your busy family will say a lot about the consideration and care that is directed to the patients.

Benson Hill Smiles in Renton, WA invites reviews from their patients. Find them on the review page of the website and call 425-529-5709 for your appointment.

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