Water is necessary to keep our bodies hydrated and in good working condition. Drinking plenty of water encourages the natural flow of saliva that washes away leftover food particles and helps to keep our mouths free of the harmful bacterial plaque that causes disease. It is a much smarter choice of beverage for cavity prevention in particular.

Sodas and fruit ades contain the sugar and acids that attack our tooth enamel and expose the dentin and nerve center underneath. Tooth enamel is a great protector of these inner layers of our teeth but it will deteriorate over time. We need to do everything that we can to keep our enamel as strong as possible for as long as we can. The occasional cola or glass of lemonade, for instance, is fine but a steady diet of these acidic drinks does pose a threat to our tooth enamel.

Bottled water is a great convenience but most brands contain little or no fluoride which is essential to our continued dental health and the proper development of our children’s teeth. Insulated containers that keep our beverages hot or cold when we are on the go have become very popular, they now come in various sizes, textures, and colors. Fill one with fluoridated water from your tap, add some ice and you’re all set.

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