Why are dental hygienists so determined to convince patients to floss between their teeth, isn’t brushing twice a day enough? If you stop to think about it the reason may become more clear. Mother nature has provided us with a constant flow of saliva that rinses away most of the bacterial plaque that tends to cling to our teeth and we use our tongues to wipe way even more. The thing is that we’re missing the plaque that collects BETWEEN our teeth – that can only be successfully removed by flossing.

Flossing doesn’t cause healthy gums to bleed, only unhealthy gums bleed easily when irritated. Ironically, flossing promotes healthy gum tissue, so the more you floss the less your gums are apt to bleed and that’s a very good point. The human mouth is filled with bacteria, some is beneficial, some not so much. When your gums bleed the harmful bacteria can get into your bloodstream and be carried to other parts of your body. Dangerous infection could result.

Gum disease is a leading cause of premature tooth loss. Consistent professional dental care is essential to prevent it, but home care is important as well. Having your teeth flossed every six months as part of your regularly scheduled check up isn’t enough, you have to floss at least once every day to reap the full benefits of the regimen.

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