Tooth sensitivity really can influence a lifestyle but there are ways to relieve the discomfort and still enjoy most of the foods and drinks that you love although dentists and hygienists do advise that patients avoid extremely acidic foods.

Brushing and flossing are an important part of a plan for home dental care.  That’s a given, but how you brush can affect tooth sensitivity.  Easy does it,  brush gently with a soft bristle toothbrush twice a day.

Tooth enamel is your best defense against sensitivity.  The protective covering cushions the nerve center of your tooth.  When your tooth enamel is damaged it puts the more sensitive layers of your tooth in jeopardy.  If you are one of many who tend to grind or clench your teeth together you are putting your tooth enamel at risk.  

Toothpastes that include a teeth whitening agent have become a popular choice for a lot of people.  The problem is that some of us are more sensitive to the chemicals that promote the whitening.  The same is true for over the counter mouthwashes that contain alcohol.  Always check the label for a list of ingredients.

There could be an underlying cause for your tooth sensitivity.  One symptom of gum disease for instance, is that the gum tissue begins to break away from the teeth.  When this happens the empty spaces can fill with infectious bacteria that can trigger sensitivity.

The information that you can provide will help your dentist to make a diagnosis and begin a treatment plan for the relief of your symptoms.  Call Benson Hill Smiles @ 425-276-7843 in Renton, WA.

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