Dental insurance might or might not over Invisalign depending on what plan you have. Your first step should be to call the insurance company, but you need to look deeper because they might have a number of options to pay for this system. If you do not have insurance coverage, you might run across other options that will make this system for correcting your teeth affordable.

Call The Insurance Company

The insurance company that you contact only has so much information to give you because the associates that are on the phone usually do not have much more than what is on their screen. You cannot expect these people to give you every little option in the world, and it makes much more sense for you to ask them for additional assistance if they do not tell you what you want to hear.

Special Payment Plans

Some insurance companies offer a special sort of plan that will allow for reimbursement for things like this. You could get reimbursed for a number of different things like glasses, Invisalign, or some sort of medical assistance device through a provision like this. Ask the insurance company if they have this money, and they let you file a claim after the fact.


You might have an health spending account that allows you to pay for any medical care at all. You could use the HSA to pay for your Invisalign, and that would be no different than the insurance company covering it for you. Be certain that you have checked on the parameters of the HSA, and see if the insurance company reloads your HSA on a yearly, monthly, or quarterly basis. Some HSA accounts might not have enough money to pay for all of your Invisalign, but you can ask the orthodontist to make a payment plan so that you can afford to pay for the care that you need.

Special Online Discounts

There are many special discounts that you can get online specifically because you have a particular insurance plan or you are in a particular situation. There are many people who might want to search online for discounts, and it is a very interesting thing for people to search for because they might find a company that will accommodate them.

No Coverage

There are people who have no coverage, and they need to work out a payment plan with the orthodontist. The orthodontist can work with people on the payment plan that they think that they can handle, and the Invisalign can start soon. The whole family might come into the office to have their teeth fixed, and there is still a way for everyone to get the care that they need.


Someone who wants to get Invisalign must be sure that they have insurance coverage. They can search online for information that will help them find care, and they could even get a discount or reimbursement for this system in the right situation.

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