Have you ever stopped to consider how essential your tongue is? Without it, you would be hard fixed to perform basic life functions like chewing and tasting your food and being able to communicate with others. And speaking medically, your doctor can “read” your tongue to detect various symptoms of possible disease which can sometimes save time and extensive diagnostic testing. With all this in mind, you can realize how important it is to make taking care of your tongue a part of your daily routine for oral health maintenance.

Keep it clean. Your tongue is a perfect target for the buildup of the bacteria that can lead to disease. Brush the surface of your tongue just as you would your teeth, but don’t use the same part of your toothbrush. Some brushes come with an attachment just for use on the tongue or you can find over the counter tongue scrapers in the dental care aisle of your local pharmacy.

If you do use a tongue scraper first coat your tongue with toothpaste to help counteract the bacteria and be sure to rinse with water after scraping. A swish of mouthwash can eliminate any trace of bacterial odor that may be left behind but use it sparingly to avoid dryness.

Your tongue should maintain a healthy pink color. Drink plenty of water and limit your intake of dark berries or liquids to avoid discoloration.

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