The emergency room cannot necessarily handle all dental emergencies, but they can do some things for you to help you get to the dentist to get the care you need. Take a look at the ways that the emergency room can help you, remember that you still need to visit an emergency dentist, and make plans as quickly as you can. You are not guaranteed anything when you go to the emergency room, and it is best to ask the staff what options they have for you.

The Emergency Room Takes You In Quickly

The emergency room will take you in quickly so that you can at least get some kind of medical care. They will stabilize you, and they will assess the situation so that you know what can be done next. Some of the worst dental emergencies can be handled by the emergency room staff because they can set bones and let you know what to do next.

Do They Have Dentists Who Can Help?

Some hospitals have dentists that they can call in an emergency, or they might have surgeons on the staff who can help with certain dental issues. You are not guaranteed this, but you might have a chance to talk to someone who has enough experience to explain what to do. However, you still need to go to a dental surgeon or dentist after you have been to the emergency room. The emergency room staff can make recommendations, or they will have a talk with you about what to do next.

The Dental Surgeon Is Next

You need to go to the dental surgeon or dentist right after you go to the emergency room. You need to ask the dentist or dental surgeon what they would do, but they need to see the records from the emergency room so that they know what happened when you went to the emergency room. The dentist knows that the emergency room cannot handle all dental emergencies, and that is the only thing that can make your future services much better. You will be much happier with the way that the dentist care is given, and you can recover faster.

The Emergency Room Is Not Enough

Even the emergency room staff will tell you that you need to go to the dentist as soon as possible. They will recommend this because they know that the dentist needs to see what you had done, and the dentist can continue your care. This makes it easier for you to handle your dental care. They might need to contact the emergency room, but it is good that you went there to be stabilized.


There are many people who want to have their dental emergencies handled as soon as possible, and your only option might be going to the emergency room. This is why you have to have a look at the things that you do after the emergency room because it is only the beginning of your care.

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