Bruxism is the official term applied to the habit of grinding or clenching the teeth together. Both adults and children can suffer the effects but the underlying factors are usually very different.

Children who are teething or who are experiencing the discomfort of an ear ache for instance, often try to fight it off by grinding their teeth. It’s like a reflex reaction to the pain. Kids usually outgrow the habit before any real damage can be done, but if it goes on too long their permanent teeth may be affected. See your dentist for a specific diagnosis and monitor your child closely.

The grinding and clenching can easily go unnoticed at first if it is happening while your child sleeps. He may not even be aware of what he is doing and if there is no one else around the habit can go on without being discovered. Siblings who sleep in the same room are often the first ones to complain about the noise that “brother” or “sister” is making at night.

Although stress or tension can also affect children it is more often the cause of adult bruxism. Worries in the workplace or personal financial problems can cause a lot of anxiety which may impel a person to grind his teeth as an involuntary reaction. Again,The symptoms are usually noticed by a friend or relative of the grinder.

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